Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday: Blasts FEMA, Talks Libya, Mises & More

Ron Paul continues spouting more truth than a Southern Revival Preacher.
On Fox News Sunday, Paul blasts FEMA, discusses Libya and bringing all our troops home, Mises, and much more.

"FEMA has been around since 1978, it has one of the worst reputations for a bureaucracy ever. It's a system of bureaucratic central economic planning, which is a policy that is deeply flawed.
We've conditioned our people that FEMA will take care of us and everything will be okay, but you try to make these programs work the best you can, but you can't just keep saying,
'Oh, they need money,' ... Well, we're out of money, this country is bankrupt
FEMA creates many of our problems because they sell the insurance because you can't buy it from a private company, which means there's a lot of danger, so we pay people to build on beaches, and then we have to go and rescue them.
It's so far removed from the market and the understanding of what insurance should be about. Insurance should measure risk, it shouldn't be a a bailout program endlessly."