Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Propaganda and The Silver Revolution

Oh, how I love some good propaganda pieces to get the fire lit, and my blood to boil. Chiara Cavaglieri, a writer of The Independent does a clever expose of misdirection with a slice of Newspeak.

The following article titled, Something Solid in a World of Upheaval, starts off with a strong name and an even stronger impression that Chiara is pro-gold. He talks of the tumultuous times we face, and the excellent hedge investors gain with gold. You get the impression that PM bugs can sit back and ride the Gilver (gold and silver) gravy train through the hard times.

Then, Cavaglieri gets weird and ambiguous..

He talks of two random phallics, curiously named Mr. Lowcock and Danny Cox as the defining penile voices of gold. They make their cases, which weren't terrible points, so far, so good.

He then discusses the possible options of investing in gold. Now, this is where Chiara Jekyll turns into Hyde. He obviously forgets everything aforementioned in his previous written work 2 sentences ago, and gives out terribly hypocritical advice.

The gilded, apparently 'bubble-proof' pedestal goes to the amazing ETF. Implied by Chiara, ETFs are the money shot. Or, I guess you could go for the low-life, the unpredictably volatile ETF Securites, which you actually invest in REAL gold, he sullenly offers, as if beneath him. Who would want real gold backing?

Don't even think about getting straight physical...you crazy? Not worth a mention in Chiara's dream.

Then, he shocked my entire sense motherboard with stupidity. And, I quote:

"Many experts say that now is the time to invest in equities instead,..."

Mind you, this is in an article titled, Something Solid in a World of Upheaval....

Solid, eh...

His proof that equities are the new bee's knees?

An expert from 'stockbroker T D Waterhouse.'  Of course...

And, don't forget about the expertise of the one and only, economic guru extraordinaire, Patrick Connolly. Mr Connolly knows his stuff, working for IFA Chase de Vere and all. And, in 'de Vere World', gold is currently in a bubble, mainly because the same thing happened on January 21st, 1980, where gold rose 688% in 4 years, ran out of breath and dropped.

Somehow, Patrick has done the impossible, something to go down in the history books and astound the most unastoundable scientists. He has time-traveled to the 1980s, and is currently stuck there, living only in our dimension to write puff pieces. This is, of course, the only logical explanation. There's no way Connolly could live in 2011, or else he would clearly see the subtle differences in 2011, and 1981.

And, to clarify, by 'subtle' I mean as subtle as a grenade.

Who are they fooling?

I'd like to think these so-called 'professionals' are smarter than the average bear, but their logic fails to uphold the imaginary reputation I expect. Either they are deluded into thinking the economy will fix itself (the equivalent of the Titanic unsinking itself), or they are marionettes in a clever game.

If the puppets are playing, we already know the game.

Fortunately for us, we have found another game to play. And, it's much more entertaining, I must say.

The revolution is happening, people. If you look around the interwebs, so many precious metals movements are happening. Dont-tread-on.me wakes up the neighbors, Max Keiser and the SLA are marching for a million, Silver Circle are takin' it to Sundance, Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee are the sponsors of the Sound Money Promotion Act, Utah says it is A-OK!, the UFO crowd is stackin' at Above Top Secret, the spiritual conspirers have been at it for a while at David Icke's spot, the survivalists are glad we finally caught on. I have even seen job offers for Gold and Silver promoters! These are just a few behind-the-scenes silver showdowns.

At SilverDoctors.com, we were a little ahead of the game when we started the Silver Viral Project, which is still brewing, yet to be kicked into full gear for Phase 3. Our start in Phase 2 tapered off as momentum slowed due to false hope and commitment issues by the skeptics, but now that people are ready to listen, it is time we hit em' with all we got.

Download the Guidebook in the sidebar if you haven't already, and join the forum. It's time to take silver to the moon, and JP to the dunes.

Be an Ag-ent.

Propagandize back!


And, to respond to Chiara's article,

Is gold or silver in a bubble?

Will they run out of breath like they did in 1980?

Possibly, but NOT ANYTIME SOON.

You kidding me? Look around you. Gold hasn't even laced up his Nikes. And, silver will arrive to the ball, probably a little fashionably late, wearing a gloriously revealing dress. Oh, how they will all want her. The ugly duckling she is, evolving into a beautiful swan of real money.

Only we saw the beauty first.

Gold? Bubble???

You make me laugh Chiara, you make me laugh.

"Laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and love the path you have taken."

*This has been a Anti-mercial from Mr. M.*