Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guest Post: The Sheeple Are Awakening

We are waking up to a truth in this country. We are each arriving at the same conclusion at different times and to different degrees, but nevertheless the truth is the truth... and it is not pretty.
I have been force fed about how intelligent Barack Hussein Obama is since 2004.
Today, I am torn between two conclusions. I am not sure if this man is completely inept or if this man is purposely trying to destroy our country.
Think about that.
Either way, we need to peacefully vote this man out of office. We need to fill all open seats with AWARE and AWAKE representatives. Representation like the brave men and women that are being called "Terrorists" for standing firm on our behalf, and drawing a line in the sand for sound fiscal policy.
They were a decent first round. 2012 needs to usher in an equally resolute Sophomore class to represent WE THE PEOPLE.

We are standing on shifting sand. This grand experiment in self rule we call, "The United States of America" is failing. WE THE PEOPLE are failing.
If the pen is mightier than the sword, I hope in these coming days it will never been more true. Speaking truth to our friends and family is more important now than it has ever been.
I firmly believe we are a majority in this country. Our Congressmen fighting for fiscal restraint are not, "Terrorists!"
We are not "Hobbits."
What I see is a serious disconnect between the way things are and the way our owners want us to believe they are.
NO career politician, in his or her right mind, would knowingly smear the vast majority of the voters they need to pander to for re-election. I submit that a career politician that calls their constituents names are either insane or following orders- possibly both!
It has been said that human beings learn through joy or through fear. Surely the fear felt in the latest Wall Street drama has more than a few people rubbing the sleep from their eyes.
The silver lining to Black Monday was the reaction on the Market after Obama's speech.
I felt an odd sense of pride in those moments. For it was then that the people put their money where their mouths were. In that uncensored moment there was a vote of, "no confidence" in the President of the United States of America.
Our President has no clothes. I saw him naked Monday.

Evidently I was not the only one. His public appearances have been cancelled for today as well.
QE3 is coming. Maybe with a new, improved name, but it is only improved means to unimproved ends. The dollar will continue to be devalued. We will continue to borrow 40% of the money we need to keep our government going...Perhaps more. Life will appear to go on as usual, but the cost of things will begin to go up. Our credit rating has been lowered. We are riskier to lend money to now!
Our interest rates on future borrowing will go up! There is an inevitable date when our national GDP is equal to just the interest we pay on our debts. That day will now come sooner.
Speak out for the reform of our monetary systems and for sound financial practices! We can control the talking points of the 2012 election. Remember, We still have a chance to retain our Power.

D. James LaSalle

"Where the wealth's displayed, thieves and sycophants parade
And where it's made, the slaves will be taken.
Some are treated well in these games of buy and sell
And some, like poor beasts, are burdened down to breaking."
Joni Mitchell