Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gold Up $50 From NY Close, Last at $1770.90 and Rising

*Update: $1772.48
About an hour ago we stated that gold would vault past Jim Sinclair's $1764 and enter the parabolic 3rd phase of its bull market tomorrow if The Bernank announces QE3.
Gold is up a cool $20 in the past hour, now up $50 from the NY close, at a new all-time high of $1770.90 and is rapidly rising.
Gold has now entered its parabolic 3rd phase before the European open!

( closes in 16 hrs. 54 mins.)
Metals Date Time (EST) Bid Ask Change from NY Close
Gold Charts  GOLD 08/09/2011 00:21 1766.40 1770.90