Friday, August 26, 2011

Gold Above $1820, Silver Above $41.50 WITHOUT QE3

Without any QE3 announcement by The Bernank today at Jackson Hole, many expected gold and silver to sell-off hard as additional QE had been "priced-in" to the precious metals.

Whelp, so much for that one, as gold and silver are now both green on the day!

Gold has retaken $1800 and is trading up 3% to $1822, and silver is back above $41.50!

Enjoy your weekend Blythe!

(Will close in 1 hr. 20 mins.)
Metals Date

Ask Change Low High
Buy gold Gold Charts  GOLD 08/26/2011

1763.10 1822.60
Buy silver Silver Charts  SILVER 08/26/2011

40.03 41.50

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