Friday, August 19, 2011

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 8/19/2011

Massive inventory volatility continued in the COMEX silver warehouses yesterday, as it is clear that the cartel is rearranging every single chair on the deck in an attempt to make it through the September silver delivery month alive.
Perhaps the Wynter Benton group resurfacing has gained the attention of Blythe and friends.


*Brink's had a large withdrawal of 802,911 ounces out of eligible vaults

*The Delaware Depository received a small deposit of 6,030 ounces into the eligible vaults

*HSBC had a withdrawal of 12,005 ounces out of eligible vaults

*No activity again in The Morgue's vaults

*Scotia Mocotta made another massive adjustment of 913,334 ounces out of eligible, and into registered vaults

*TOTAL COMEX REGISTERED Silver Inventory increased by 913,334 ounces to 30,481,689 ounces
This is the first time that COMEX registered silver supplies have been above 30 million ounces in several months- yet there has not been a single DEPOSIT into registered vaults, the entire increase has been by adjustment!  What exactly are they preparing for in September?

Silver Inventory declined a net 1,722,220 ounces to 75,212,781 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX Inventory declined to 105,694,470 ounces.