Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blythe Masters' Facebook Page

Proving that this really is Blythe's facebook page, readers are reporting that within minutes of leaving comments on Blythe's page, the comments are removed and blocked from Blythe's page.  We have confirmed this.
That'll teach those silverbugs Blythe!!

On Sunday, we tipped readers off to Blythe Masters' personal blog.
There are now 65 comments "thanking" Blythe for her work in manipulating and suppressing gold and silver.

Thanks to a reader tip, we have discovered that Blythe has a personal facebook page as well.

We encourage all of our readers to visit, and offer Blythe their personal "hello".

You will need to have a facebook account, and "Like" Blythe's page in order to view the wall/leave comments.
Never thought you would Like Blythe Masters, did you?

Click here to visit Blythe's personal facebook page.

We have just left Blythe our own personal comment shown below.  Lets see how long it takes her staff to remove it!

Komen NYC on facebook

The Greater New York City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure was founded in 1990 in memory of journalist Benita Feurey and has raised nearly $50 million to date. Komen Greater NYC is dedicated to the health of over 12 million residents of the five b...See More
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    • Silver Doctors Blythe Masters! Our Hero! Thanks for suppressing silver with your 120 Million Ounce Naked Short silver position, thereby allowing us to acquire silver at REALLY REALLY REALLY RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES, and run a website exposing your manipulation!
      Thanks for all you do!


Aaaaand 5 minutes later our post is removed and we are banned from Blythe's page.