Sunday, July 17, 2011

What Would Bugs Bunny Think of the TSA?

Daffy Learns the Constitution
Provides Limitations of Power
When's the last time you saw Daffy for President?
If you let your children watch any television, perhaps you should purchase Looney Tunes box sets rather than let them be brainwashed with today's propaganda.

Congress, the Senate, Obama, DHS, and the TSA should all be required to watch Daffy for President as the 4 minute short provides
a more thorough understanding of the US constitution than 99% of our elected officials have today.

In the short, Daffy attempts to find loopholes in the constitution in order to pass legislation extending rabbit season for 12 months out of the year.

The TSA might want to take note of this segment of the short in particular:
Bugs: Lawbreaker!
Daffy: Lawbreaker? Me?
Bugs: It says so right here! The 4th amendment to the Constitution protects us from illegal search and seizure.
Which is what you, just did to me!