Friday, July 22, 2011

HKMEx Day 1 Silver Futures Summary

Silver futures summary for day 1 of the HKMEx trading.
A total volume of 1,140 contracts (1.14 Million oz) of silver traded on day one of silver futures on the HKMEx.
The bulk of the trading was in the front months of Sept 2011 and Dec 2011 contracts, with the March 2012 trading a mere 8,000 oz.
Obviously no concerns about physical silver supplies with the HKMEx for now, as trading opened in a normal contango market, as opposed to the continual backwardation seen in COMEX silver trading.

Last* Change Open High Low Volume
Sep 201140.23S-39.4940.0039.08  572
Oct 201140.23S---  0
Nov 201140.24S----  0
Dec 201140.25S-39.6940.0039.27  560
Jan 201240.25S----  0
Mar 201240.25S-39.2739.2739.27   8
May 201240.24S----  0
Jul 201240.23S----  0
Total Volume1140