Tuesday, July 12, 2011

COMEX Silver Inventory Update 7/12

CRIMEX warehouse inventory volatility continued on Monday 7/11, with several more large deposits and withdrawals to report.
For our readers who have requested a simplified explanation of COMEX silver warehouse updates, we will attempt to post a sufficient explanation in the near future.

COMEX Silver Warehouse Inventory Update 7/11/2011

*Brink's had a large deposit of 599,743 ounces into eligible vaults
*Scotia Mocotta had a withdrawal of 15,675 ounces out of eligible vaults
*Scotia Mocotta adjusted (basically a reversal of Friday's movement) 63,236 ounces out of eligible vaults and into registered supplies
*The Delaware Depository had a deposit of 13,692 ounces into eligible vaults
*The Delaware Depository also had a separate withdrawal of 2,113 ounces out of eligible vaults

*Total Registered COMEX Silver supplies increased (by adjustment) 63,236 ounces to 28,223,863 ounces
*Total Eligible COMEX Silver supplies rose a net 532,411 ounces to 73,345,095 ounces
*Total COMEX inventory rose to 101,568,958 ounces.