Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did The Bernank Signal an Imminent GOLD REVALUATION With Today's Speech?

Longtime SilverDoctors readers are fully aware of The Bernank's playbook, and the last remaining deflation fighting arrow in his quiver, GOLD REVALUATION. (for those unaware of The Bernank's deflation fighting playbook, click here to read his famous Princeton "Helicopter Drop" speech)

With that knowledge in mind, please examine The Bernank's attire for this morning's monetary policy speech.

Anyone notice the "TRADITION" COLORED TIE?

Has The Bernank just tipped off the elitist insiders that The Fed will not announce QE3 on September 21st, but rather a GOLD REVALUATION???

If so, look for these insiders to send gold soaring past $2,000 in the next 2 weeks.

Notenbankchef Ben Bernanke.
The Bernank Wearing a GOLD TIE on 9/8/11