Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Secret of OZ


Many gold and silver bugs believe that a return to a gold standard is the ultimate solution to our current "fiat" problem. 
Would it surprise you to learn that a return to the gold standard is in fact the banksters' preferred "solution" to our fiat debt crisis and will accomplish no economic freedom for the masses?
A return to a pure gold standard in which the banksters control the supply of gold (and in turn can create depressions at will) would put the common man in no better of a situation than the current fiat debt currency he is currently enslaved in.

True economic prosperity and freedom for the common man can only be found by a return to the PEOPLE'S MONEY, ISSUED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, DEBT FREE. 

A return to a gold standard, while allowing a private central bank to continue to control America's money SUPPLY and issue debt currency, will continue to enslave the common man.

Free Silver, or even a fiat dollar issued directly by the federal government, debt free (similar to Abraham Lincoln's treasury issued and controlled "greenbacks") are the ONLY SOLUTIONS to our current world wide fiat debt crisis. 

The Secret of OZ is a full length documentary detailing the history of the banksters' continual fight to control the money supply throughout America's history by ISSUING DEBT AS CURRENCY.

From the 1st Bank of the United States and the War of 1812 (started by the banksters after the 1st Bank of the US's 20 year charter was not renewed), to the 2nd bank of the United States (repealed by Andrew Jackson), to the bankster contrived Civil War intended to return America to bankster debt currency (almost thwarted by Abrahan Lincoln's debt free "greenback" until Lincoln was assassinated), to the Crime of 1873 (demonitizing silver, the people's currency, and creating a gold standard), to the bankster's 4th installation of a private central bank in America in 1913 (The Federal Reserve), the documentary is a comprehensive history of America's eternal battle with the banksters over control of the SUPPLY of currency.

If you have a son or daughter in high school, tell them they can skip their American history class this fall if they watch this documentary twice and provide you with a detailed report. Nothing else needs to be known about American history.
It it the Yellow Brick Road (Gold Standard), or
the Silver Slippers that Represent True
Economic Freedom for the Common Man?