Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SD Reader Predicts Mexico City Quake 24 Hours Before it Occurs

*Update: Reports have been verified that there was a 'drill' planned for 3/20/12 in Mexico for a 7.9 M earthquake simulation, and Barack Obama's daughter was vacationing at the epicenter with 12 friends and 25 secret service agents!  This is getting past the realm of coincidence.
Apparently ABC is not the only with with access to a flux capacitor
SD reader Mrgneiss sent The Doc the following email last night 3/19/2012 at 10:23pm EST, predicting a major earthquake to strike today, 3/20, following a pattern of a major quake striking exactly every 188 days over the past 2.5 years. 
Right on que, and as predicted by Mrgneiss, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake has just stuck Mexico City, Mexico.  Obviously, the chances that this string of earthquakes coming exactly every 188 days are occurring naturally does not seem likely. 

Excerpt of Mrgneiss' email below:

Doc, I want you to get your opinion on something, something that I think is mind blowing. I just basically started finding this stuff out last week. It is tough to wade through all the disinformation, coverups, etc. However, I think this is truly important to mankind, and you have good reach, a voice. I have no agenda, I'm just sick of the coverups, and would like people to learn the truth.

This makes the silver manipulations, FED coverups look like small potatoes.

However, this seems to explain a lot of what is going on, such as why the government doesn't really seem to care about the debt or the dollar, is instituting martial law, why the Chinese are building ghost cities, the Denver airport, etc.

What tweaked me to this was the earthquakes we are getting every 188 days.

Chile Feb 27 2010 8.8

Christchurch Sept 4 2010 7.1

Japan March 11 2011 9.1

Fiji Sept 15 2011 7.3

Apparently we are due for a massive one tomorrow or over the next couple of days. I have studied geology and know that this should not be possible.

And yet, today we can add Mexico City March 20th 2012 7.9 to the list: