Thursday, March 1, 2012

Embalmer Allegedly Stole Gold Crowns From The Dead

 A Colorado embalmer has been arrested for accumulating and cashing in over 20 gold fillings worth $4,200 from the cremated remains of deceased individuals.  Removing teeth from enemy corpses was common during WWII, who knew an embalmer could recover more phyzz than the average season of Alaska Gold Rush?
Perhaps this is why the MSM calls gold a 'barbaric relic'? 

A man who was working as an embalmer says he stole from the dead in order to support his family.
Adrian Kline, 43, of Brighton, is accused of removing gold crowns from the teeth of dead people and then selling them. He turned himself in last Friday.

Police believe Kline may have recovered or extracted hundreds of teeth from the deceased or the deceased’s remains.
After a body is cremated, any metal — including dental work — is usually removed from the remains to be recycled. Kline claims he only took the gold crowns that were going to be thrown away at the funeral homes, but one funeral home manager in Brighton said Kline was fired after jewelry belonging to a deceased man went missing.
Police believe Kline sifted through the cremated remains to obtain the precious metal. The earliest reports date back to April 2011. Police began their investigation in Sept. 2011.
Police say they first learned of the case when they got a tip from a pawn shop in Longmont. They say Kline went to EZ Pawn several times to get cash for gold fillings and that the manager called police after the transactions began to feel “creepy.”..
Police believe Kline cashed in $4,200 worth of gold that he had extracted from teeth belonging to the deceased. If convicted on all charges he could be sentenced to prison for 21 years.

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Perhaps Kline had recently viewed Steven Spielberg's The Pacific: