Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Blythe in Appreciation for Today's Gold & Silver Smash

With Blythe and her monkeys smashing gold by over $100 and silver by nearly $4 today, dumping nearly 40,000 silver paper contracts within a half-hour and 10,000 gold contracts in 2 minutes, we thought SD readers might want to consider chipping together to purchase a group thank-you gift to Blythe for the excellent Phyzz discount we all enjoyed today.
Naturally, The Doc has the perfect gift for Blythe in mind....

Currently up for auction on ebay is 1 toilet seat embedded with 78 unique 1964 US Silver coins.

From the item description:
So what do you get the silver investor who has everything?
You get him/her a Round clear toilet seat embedded with 78 silver coins all minted in 1964! Total Face value is $16.80 with 12 Kennedy half dollars, 28 quarters and 38 dimes all minted in 1964. There is about 12 troy oz of pure silver in this seat. Talk about a conversation seat! Maybe not! You will be sitting on a lot of silver.
The seat is in used condition with some scratches, slight crazing in lucite in one area, oxidation on hinge, split on rubber pads. About 15 of the coins show discoloration. Overall the seat is in good usable condition and very unique.

Lucite Glass toilet seat embedded $16.80 FV 90% 1964 Silver coins BELOW MELT

What could be a more fitting gift and daily remembrance of our affection for the head of JPM's Commodity Division?