Saturday, February 4, 2012

New SilverDoctors Website Coming Soon

We'd like to update readers on the progress of the SilverDoctors site redesign.  After months of planning and saving our pennies, the new site development is well underway, and is scheduled to be ready in approximately 2 weeks! (So get your search started for the perfect Avatar!)
We have put every dollar donated and raised via sponsors since we started SilverDoctors 11 months ago towards this development, and are currently only about $2,000 away from completely funding the redesign!  The Chase Art Doc-A-Thon campaign raised enough funds to make the new site a reality, and we would again like to express our extreme gratitude for all who have generously contributed. 
We would also appreciate your consideration of making a small one-time donation or monthly recurring donation to help fund the completion of the project and the maintenance that will be required.  One time donations can be made through the Doc's Life Support at the top left of your screen.  Monthly donations can be made through the "Monthly Donation" options below.
The new site will benefit the entire SD community, and is being designed with an emphasis to help readers share information with each other more easily and effectively.  We are also planning on having numerous contests and PHYZZ give-aways when the new site goes live, so you won't want to miss it!

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