Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alf Field: Silver to Reach $158 in Current MAJOR WAVE 3

Alf Field, the technical analyst revered and quoted by the legendary Jim Sinclair, has released his revised outlook for silver due to popular demand.  Alf believes silver is currently in the early stages of MAJOR WAVE 3, which will be the longest and strongest uptrend in silver's current bull marketAlf looks for a total gain of at least +500% in Major 3, which would put silver at roughly $158 (from its low near $26) at the end of the current rally, coinciding with Alf's gold target of $4,500.  Should Alf's targets be met in both gold and silver for Major 3, that would put the silver/gold ratio at approx 28:1.

Silver, as with gold, is starting intermediate wave 3 of Major THREE, which should be the longest and strongest wave in the bull market. It should certainly be longer than intermediate wave 1 which was the gain from $8.77 to $49.52, or +464%, as shown above.
Thus the gain in wave 3 of Major THREE should be larger than +464%. It should be a gain of at least 500%. Starting from the $26.39 low, a gain of 500% would produce a target price of $158.34 for silver. That is the number which equates with the $4500 price forecast for gold and produces a silver to gold ratio of 28.4 ($4500 divided by 158.34).
The gain in gold was forecast to be 200% for this move while the forecast rise in the silver price is 500%. Silver is again predicted to perform better than gold based on these EW calculations.