Thursday, February 2, 2012

2.6 Million Ounces of Silver Transferred from Brink's & HSBC Vaults into Scotia Vaults Wednesday!

3 card monte continues to accelerate in COMEX silver warehouses, as Brink's and HSBC combined to transfer 2.626 million ounces of mostly REGISTERED silver into Scotia Mocatta vaults Wednesday!


*Brink's received a large deposit of 1,190,894 ounces into REGISTERED vaults
*Brink's also had a small deposit of 2,146 ounces into eligible vaults
*Brink's had a massive withdrawal of 2,287,779 ounces out of REGISTERED vaults

*HSBC had a withdrawal of 338,460 ounces out of eligible vaults
If you add the 338,460 ounce withdrawal from HSBC and the 2,287,779 ounce withdrawal from Brink's, that comes to 2,626,239 ounces.

*Scotia Mocatta just happened to coincidentally report a deposit of 2,626,240 ounces into eligible vaults. They tossed a freaking silver eagle into the pile of HSBC & Brink's phyzz that was hustled into Scotia's vaults to put out February delivery fires!

*No changes for JPM or Delaware

This is becomingly unbelievably blatant as it is clear that the amount of physical silver actually available to satisfy delivery demands is practically non-existent.

*TOTAL REGISTERED Inventories declined a net -1,096,885 ounces to 35,441,343 ounces
*TOTAL ELIGIBLE Inventories increased a net 2,289,926 ounces to 94,734,725 ounces
*TOTAL COMEX Silver inventories increased to 130,176,068 ounces