Monday, January 9, 2012

Martin Armstrong: Investments Are No Longer Safe in ANY N.Y. Bank

Martin Armstrong discusses how Judge Jed Rakoff stands alone against the corruption of the SEC and the NY banks, and advises not to keep ANY money or investments in ANY N.Y. firm.

There is nothing worse than the collapse of the Rule of Law. Once that takes place and judges only rule in favor of government, all rights cease to exist and not even property is safe. This is the point to which we have reached. Investment is just no longer safe at least in New York.
Congress refuses to investigate the Judiciary because it has been too interested in stacking the courts with pro-government judges to ensure they always win.
We are indeed collapsing. The United States is losing that status of the Financial Capital of the World because it refuses to honor the right to property. Without an honest judiciary, all is simply lost. Hedge funds are starting to abandon not just the United States, but also London. They are headed for non-EU and non-US jurisdictions. Judge Rakoff is a lone warrior – perhaps the only man standing in the New York court system.
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One Judge Stands Alone Against the SEC