Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Doc and Bullrun Direct Mint Order

Update of our Direct Mint Order

The Doc and I are putting in an order early next week for 1oz silver rounds the old fashioned way, directly from the mint.  We would like to give SD readers the opportunity to join in on the order.  The premium over spot for the direct order will be as low as 79 cents per ounce depending on the sales volume plus S and H.  The price of our order will not be locked until the mint has received all of our funds which will need to be transferred using a bank wire.  Once the order is placed, the mint will purchase the silver and mint it to 1oz rounds.  We will receive the silver within 3 and 1/2 weeks and ship it to our readers.  If you are interested in stacking phyzz with the Doc, send us an email to 

We are pleased to report our total planned purchase is now over 10,000 ounces of Silver!  Here is more details concerning the purchase with a very short turn around time schedule.

We are contracting Sunshine Mint to produce the 1oz rounds.  Here is the company's website  They are a reputable minting company.  Currently, APMEX is selling the same 1oz rounds from this mint for 1.29 over spot.  Viewable here.

Sunshine Mint has quoted us a shipping price with insurance of $2,175.00 for 10,000 ounces which breaks down to 21.75 cents per ounce.  This may go down if we bring additional buyers on board with the purchase.  I am working with Sunshine Mint to get direct shipping for those individuals who are interested in purchasing over 1,000 ounces themselves.  If your purchase is less than 1,000 ounces, it will first have to be shipped to us in bulk before being shipped to you.  The shipping cost will depend on the volume you order and your zip code.  We are now considering shipping to Canada because of specific requests by two SD readers. 

Here is the expedited time schedule designed to align with the bigger purchasers wishes.  Additionally, we are attempting to get the order placed before the Bernank opens his mouth on Wednesday.

12 p.m. Monday, January 23rd- All order requests received.  We will provide you bank wire details and confirm receipt of your order.

12 p.m. Tuesday, January 24th- All bank wire transfers will have to be received by us.

1-3 p.m. Tuesday, January 24th- Order is placed with Sunshine Mint.  We will forward the original email from Sunshine Mint containing the price we were able to lock-in.     

Images of the expected 1 ounce round from Sunshine Mint.