Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blythe Masters to Take Over as Chair of GFMA

*UpdateWe reported earlier that Monday's A.M. City reports that Blythe Masters is leaving JP Morgan to take over as the Head of Rates and Commodities at Deutsche Bank.
Tyler Durden has contacted The Doc to advise he believes that Blythe is taking over for Deutsche Bank's Michele Faissola as head of the GFMA, and will also retain her role as head of Commodities at JPM.  Rather than fleeing a sinking ship, apparently The Morgue is attempting to widen their PM suppression influence into Europe.
We apologize for the false hope we briefly gave PM investors tonight, our nemesis lives on.

The Global Financial Markets Association has announced that Blythe Masters, head of global commodities at JP Morgan Chase, will take over as chair from Michele Faissola, global head of rates and commodities at Deutsche Bank, on 1 February.
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We're sure SilverDoctors' readers will definitely want to visit Blythe's personal blog  to wish her well as Chair of the GFMA, and remind her not to forget about her day job of suppressing precious metals.

Reports indicate that JP Morgan has hired Colin Fenton   as head of Global Commodities Strategy at JP Morgan, who is- wouldn't you know it- a Goldman Sachs Alum.   That's right, the same Colin Fenton of JPM who called for $2,500 gold by the end of 2011- in August, at almost the exact top near $1900.  Looks like Mr. Dimon was rather impressed with that fleecing of the sheople.

Colin Fenton