Monday, January 16, 2012

Barret Capital Management accused of using client cash for its own purposes

Canada's IIRO regulatory agency (Canada's CFTC) has accused Barret Capital Management of Jon Corzine's favorite crime- stealing (rehypothecating) segregated client funds
Apparently in Canada regulators actually regulate, rather than pretend to after the s*** hits the fan.
Got Phyzz yet??

One of Canada's investment regulators has accused Barret Capital Management, a firm specialized in futures and options on metals and other exchange-traded commodities, of using client money for its own purposes.

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada warned Monday that Barret clients are at risk due to the firm's "ongoing misappropriation of their money to fund losing trades and ongoing misinformation about the value and holdings in their accounts."...
IIROC has set a hearing for Tuesday morning to suspend Barret's membership in the organization and stop Barret from dealing with the public.
In requesting the expedited hearing, the regulator alleged Barret made "significant misrepresentations to clients including through manipulating account values, misrepresenting account values and holdings by way of false account statements or otherwise providing false information to clients and by manipulating on and off book payments to clients."
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