Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gold Bounces off Lows. Silver up Slightly.

Gold and Silver are off yesterday's lows this morning, in part due to positive news coming out of Washington....a $1 trillion dollar spending bill! 

WASHINGTON — House Republicans have unveiled a massive $1 trillion-plus yearend spending package despite a plea from the White House for additional talks over a handful of provisions opposed by President Barack Obama.

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Market summary from other sources this morning also attributing the rise in gold and silver to fears in the euro zone debt crisis (surprise, surprise).  Silver is trading at 29.04 and Gold is at 15.91.  We will wait and see if this holds up into the U.S. market open.

SINGAPORE, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Spot gold traded steady
on Thursday after a dropping 3.5 percent in the previous
session, as funds sold off holdings before the year-end and
fears grew about the euro zone debt crisis after Italian bond
yields hit a new high. 
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