Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Does Gold's 120 Year Price Chart Predict Dollar Hyperinflation in 2014?

Gold price chart, 1900-2011Is gold suggesting dollar hyperinflation is imminent?
Dutch Physicist Armand Koolen has put together a 120 year logarithmic gold chart.
The last 12 years of the gold bull market have followed the chart almost precisely.  Of interest to gold bugs is the fact that gold's 120 year logarithmic chart approaches infinity approximately in February of 2014.

Will we see a full-scale hyperinflation of the US dollar within the next 26 months??  Given that the Euro collapse could drag on another 6-12 months, after which the focus of bond and derivative traders will be placed on the unsustainable debt of the UK and the US- the time-frame seems more than plausible.
The time-frame for dollar hyperinflation becomes even more plausible when one considers the imminent Quantitative Easing expected in 2012 as the Fed attempts to bail out Europe as well as fund the $1.6 Trillion US budget deficit will take 12-18 months to work its way through the system into price inflation.

Will this be the last major correction entry point for gold and silver prior to the hyperinflation of the US dollar?

Gold price chart, 1900-2011