Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deutche Bank CEO Targeted in Mail Bomb

Someone in Germany with a hatred of banksters has a sense of humor- reports indicate that an explosives and shrapnel packed parcel addressed to Deutche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann was intercepted at the bank's office in Frankfurt, Germany Wednesday.
The kicker:  the return addy was the ECB.

From Reuters:
You might want to invest in some
thicker glasses Jo
"A suspected parcel bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann was intercepted at a Deutsche office in Frankfurt on Wednesday, a senior U.S. law enforcement official said. The package was discovered around 1 p.m. Frankfurt time (7 a.m. EST/1200 GMT) in a mailroom, the official said. Initial analyses by investigators confirmed that it contained explosives and extra shrapnel, he told Reuters. A spokesman for Deutsche Bank in New York declined to comment. After receiving reports about the package, the New York Police Department stepped up security around Deutsche Bank's offices in New York and also notified corporate security executives around the city, the law enforcement official said. The official said the suspected bomb carried a return address from the European Central Bank, which is also headquartered in Frankfurt."