Friday, November 11, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite The Bernank Caption Contest Finalist!

Ok, so we've narrowed the Bernank caption contest entries down to 5 finalists.  That's as good as The Doc could do...the rest are just too good to eliminate.

It's time for America (SD readers) to Vote for the Winner!

1. "God bless Timmy, J P Morgan,
Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and
Lord please make them printing presses run faster".


2. I know that every fiat currency throughout history has failed but please Lord let mine be the exception.


3. Please help me think of a catchy name for QE3.
-Anonymous #2

4. Dear God, please forgive me for swiping that ounce of silver from the Morgue's vault the other day... I just wanted something real for a change.    -Cactusattackedus    

5. Our master who art in Goldman. Blankfein be your name. Thy bonus come, thy will be done, in government as it is with bankers.
Give us this day our daily gain, and inflate away our debts, as we enslave our debtors.
And lead us not into bankruptcy, but deliver us with a bailout. For thine is the treasury, the house, and the senate, forever and ever.
-Anonymous #3