Saturday, November 5, 2011

CFTC Head Gensler Won't Participate in Probe of Old Goldman Sachs Boss Corzine

While Gary Gensler recently voted to implement position limits in commodities, the fact remains that he is a Goldman 'alum' strategically placed at the head of the CFTC.
While obviously the right thing to do with the Corzine probe is to remove Gensler from participation, extrapolate this thinking further. 
Why were Hank Paulson and Turbo Tim Geithner allowed to have any involvement in the distribution of nearly $1 Trillion in TARP funds of which a substantial portion went to bailout AIG- which was really a backdoor bailout of Goldman Sachs?
Corzine is allegedly implicated in the comingling (theft) of $700 million- $1.5 billion of client funds with firm funds.  Paulson and Geithner stole $50 BILLION from US taxpayers to support their firm Goldman Sachs.  Goldman repaid the $10 Billion it was given directly, but the $40 B backdoor bailout through the AIG conduit was never paid back and was stolen from taxpayers.
Where the f*** is the Paulson/ Geithner probe over $40 Billion stolen from US taxpayers to prevent a GS collapse!?!

The man in charge of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission reportedly won’t take part in his agency’s investigation of MF Global Holdings Ltd. and the possible disappearance of millions in client dollars because of his past ties with Jon Corzine, who until Friday headed MF Global.
Also Friday, Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa released a statement calling on Gensler to recuse himself from any matter having to do with MF Global, the futures and securities firm that filed for bankruptcy on Monday.
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