Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Mr. M Rant: Strike Out Fear and Stop Looking For Nutrition in Sh*t

A lot of our focus here is on one aspect of our existence: wealth. This is an awesome and extremely intelligent community of aware individuals. We are the top 10-20% of the community that pays very close attention to the world's current socioeconomic situation. Our knowledge has given us power to preserve our wealth and, make a fortune for our futures. It is my hope readers at SilverDoctors are just as passionate about the other aspects of your lives as well.

The markets are closed, and I have the day off today (first day in a month with nothing to do), and I have the opportunity to reflect. The fundamentals that are setting up in the world aren't just clearing the way for a monetary revolution, but a human revolution.

All aspects of human life are becoming more and more confrontational, and are forcing us to see them, forcing us to wake up. The way I gauge quality of life is through 4 important factors: Spirit, Health, Wealth, and Happiness. They all co-exist, and you cannot truly have much of any one of them, without any of the others.

We are bombarded with ungodly amounts of information each day, and the majority of it could very easily be perceived as negative. And, the cartel do everything in their power to make sure that the masses see these events as negative. They are afraid, so they try to force us into their level of consciousness. A population full of fear is the only controllable population.

The revolutionary truth that we must all realize is that we have the choice of perception. We do not have to perceive events as negative, it is our choice in how we would like to perceive these events. Regardless of their nature, they are reality, and reality is not, by nature, positive or negative, it just is. So, it doesn't matter to reality whether or not you perceive negativity or not, you are not holding reality back by sympathizing or being afraid. It doesn't make a difference to reality, it only makes a difference to effect in which you have on reality. Empowerment comes from being able to see positivity in perceived negativity, in the form of opportunity, growth, and knowledge.

In times of crisis, humanity shines throughout history. But, it is not due to fear, it is due to having had enough, humanity has a breaking point for injustice, and that breaking point is coming. What has been holding Americans back so far is fear and fear-induced denial. It just hasn't hit home hard enough for the masses to truly 'get it.'

Fear is debilitating, it is the emotion of inaction, the most destructive form of action. It is staying neutral on a moving train, as American activist Howard Zinn called it, describing the issue with society when it comes to social change. This is the first thing everyone should learn to begin to eradicate from their lives, piece by piece. Confront every single fear, because there is nothing really to fear. Realize that you are only afraid of fear, the emotion, not what is attached to it. What is attached to it doesn't exist, only in the mind, not now in reality. Fear lives in the future and past, and pulls you away from reality, inhibiting your ability to deal with it effectively, to learn from it, to grow. Awareness pulls the weeds of fear out of your mind.

Then, once you start to, sometimes painstakingly, dissect your fears, you will notice that less of your actions are out of fear.That is the goal, to act without fear. All of our destructive actions in society are out of fear, and the world is operating out of fear, as the markets clearly show. Fear nothing. Realize who you are, and that fear is the stuff of sheeple. Fear is for the programmed and ignorant. Sheeple want to stay out of it. They don't want to prepare, profit, preserve, fight back, or face reality. Their comfort zone only spans as far as their arms reach. Which, ironically makes them more nervous and afraid. Now, they are afraid of the unknown, and that is the worst fear of them all. How do you deal with what you don't know?

I went to a friends' party last night and started to talk to some people about the current state of the world. It blows my freakin' gourd when people still don't know about the protests on Wall St. I'm amazed. Their excuse? "I don't watch the news anymore." What do I say? "That's good. I don't either."

We Are the 99%. 

We make our own news. 

They then go on to ask me why they are protesting. "WHAT?!!" 

The sheeple don't get it. We live in exciting times and the masses are too fixed on their televisions and their blown out of proportion superficial 'problems' to have any clue. Oblivious. Incorrigible.

 But, all of that will change, we will be prepared and adapt smoothly, and the sheeple will be forced to adapt and resist, cry, whine, scream for their Mommy government to protect them, and be shocked and appalled when the government doesn't.

"Where the f-ck were you during the protests?" we will say.

Knowledge is power. That is why we are all here, because we want to be powerful. Knowledge can be used to achieve all four of my aforementioned goals, and more. Knowledge can help you prepare, nourish your body, preserve your wealth, and create wisdom. Wisdom can be used for a healthy spirit and happiness.

It is wise to be happy no matter what is happening outside of you for many reasons.

Think about that concept: no matter what.

If you lost all of your silver and gold tomorrow.

If your job was just sent overseas.

If your business just tanked.

No matter what. And, if your situation is as dire as previously mentioned, congratulations. You have an opportunity for extreme growth. The greatest people in history took crisis and used it to grow, evolve and gain wisdom. Only sheeple use it to victimize themselves into a dark hole of government and social dependency.

It is all in perception. 

You have the knowledge to know that there are many interpretations of any particular event. Wisdom is to know that you can see many things in any one thing, and in knowing that, choose what you would like to believe. Some see opportunities, regardless of context. Opportunity for growth and development as human and spiritual beings. Those beings are aware, they see reality.

I see extreme awareness within this community, and I see it rapidly expanding and coming together, regardless of difference throughout the world. People, and even some sheeple, are waking up. Once we reach a critical mass, this revolution we are all a part of, we have the potential to not only revolutionize the economy, but ourselves, our way of life, and our levels of satisfaction. We will be able to live, and not slave away at propping up a self-defeating system. There is no win in this system, it is unnatural and we are slaves to a war machine. Let's move on. Stop cooperating. Slowly, step by step, humanity can take its world back.

Those that are in denial of this rapid progression of the Earth, that are afraid of change, are going to be crushed by the events that are coming up ahead. They are going to be screaming at the top of their lungs, "Why did no one ever tell me?!?" They will believe Fox News and CNN when the 'Officials' claim that "No one could have predicted it would come to this...not this." while they quickly change the subject to the next  Darwin Award piece of news.

"So, John, there's been a lot of buzz about the nutritional value of poop, and it's low-calorie content. There's always been this perception that poop is extremely bad for you to eat. So, your stance on poop is intriguing. When is it ok, for our watchers out there, to eat poop?"

(John replies with a straight face about the nutritional value of feces.)

And, they go on with their lives, glad that they still have jobs. But, jobs are not what we need, we need to create value. Let them keep their jobs, hanging on nervously for dear life so that they can have some semblance of false security.  We don't need to support the old Americorp system by having a 'good job' anymore, that era is over with, done. We need to seek out opportunities and use our minds and knowledge to create ideas to raise the worlds true standard of living. Not just by propping up the Ponzi economic standard of living.

To raise the awareness and the consciousness of Earth by creating value and not by, metaphorically speaking, harping on and on about the value of shit. This system is shit, it has no nutritional value, and you really should stop eating it.

The SilverDoctors community are at the forefront of the monetary revolution. And, this will only continue to grow. I commend  Doc for creating value in this world. For creating a platform from which I have learned priceless information and have had the opportunity to contribute to it as well. That's why I am extremely excited about the announcement of a new platform for in the future. One of which will be an even more amazing source of information, and contribution.

Saying that, and going full back full-circle, this revolution is about all aspects of humanity, and is one of evolution of self. Every being is going to go through their own personal revolution to adapt. Strike out fear, not through denial though. Strike it out by admitting that it exists. Look at it, feel it, that is how you digest and integrate it, and get your power back. Remember who you are, nourish your body by giving it health, and open your eyes to all of the ways you can create value in this world. Real human value. Preserve your wealth, build skills, knowledge and create wisdom.

Remember who we are.


I am going to end this rant with a man who is very conscious of what is happening, and is very well-rounded in his knowledge and exceptional wisdom,

Deepak Chopra @ Occupy Wall St. & on MSM.

The world is waking out of its slumber...