Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bix Weir- Computer Market Rigging Programs HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF!

Wondering why gold and silver just skyrocketed?  Bix Weir has just made a bold claim- that the market making algorithms controlling the price of gold, silver, t-bonds, stocks, etc HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF.

"Word from the conspiracy world is that the computer market rigging programs that have controlled the gold and silver markets since they were invented by Alan Greenspan in the 1970's...


This is coming from Benjamin Fulford and others but if it is true we are about to see the REAL Fair Market Value of gold and silver for the first time in 40 years!

Buckle up for massive volatility never before seen in our electronic, computer based virtual world of PHANTOM ASSETS.

I will be releasing Part 2 of my Silver Summit speech that deals with the origins of computer market rigging and silver derivatives sometime this week...NICE TIMING :-)

Stay strong....Stay in Physical in your possession.

Our little Road is about to get very BUMPY."

Bix Weir