Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wynter Benton: Uncle Benny Dissapointment Puts a Death Sentence on The Morgue, TBTF Banks

The Wynter Benton group has posted again in response to today's Fed disappointment, stating that for now, the gold and silver rally may be on hold for a little while, as the market will now tank by at least 20% in the next 6 weeks, and traders should prepare for Armeggedon. 
As in- The Bernank has just placed a death sentence on the fragile (must be Italian!) TBTF banks such as Bank of America and The Morgue.

Uncle Benny finally disappoints the market!!

The student of the Great Depression fails the most important examination. Uncle Benny did not shock and awe us, so now prepare for Armeggedon. Uncle Benny may not realize it but he has put a death sentence on all TBTF banks, especially The Morgue.

In light of today's developments, the team will be back with specific recommendations later, but for now, the much anticipated silver run will be on hold.

In the meantime, the group wanted everyone who follows us to know that the market will tank by at least 20% from here within the next 6 weeks. That means AMZN will be below 180, WYNN wil be below 110, IBM will be below 145, etc.... The correct way to make money now is to short the market with Oct and Nov puts. We are undecided as to the fate of gold and silver, since there are some among us who still believe that gold and silver will still go up within a deflationary environment, but there are others who are not so inclined to that belief.

We apologize that we can't answer questions in a timely manner, but the person(s) who writes these Yahoo messages are not always in a position to answer or know what the entire group is thinking. We always have a purpose for posting these messages although it may not always seem clear.

Stay tuned for further updates.......

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