Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kitco's Canadian Vaults EMPTY

Just received this from a reader:

Good Afternoon Sir/Madam.

Thank you for your email. In regards to your inquiry, some products may display the message "Only shipping to USA". This means that this product can only be shipped within the United States at this time as there is no availability in our Canadian vaults.

Due to extreme market volatility, Inventory in our Canadian Vaults has been depleted as we have incurred a high volume of online and verbal purchases.

Once the inventory has been received in our Canadian vaults, the message will disappear as our online ordering page will not allow you to book for items that are not in our inventory.

I apologize for the inconvenience, however as we are a bullion dealer, we do purchase silver bullion form customers as well. Therefore, it is possible we may have the items available for purchase sooner than expected.

At this time, we suggest that you verify our website at the following link to see when the item(s) you are interested in purchasing will once again be available or you may wish to sign up for our 'Bullion Alert Service' advising you by e-mail as soon as a shipment arrives for the item(s) selected. Simply visit the following link to take advantage of this innovative alert service advising you by e-mail as soon as a shipment arrives.

For further inquiries, follow up questions or any immediate assistance; please call our Precious Metals Division at 1 (877) 775-4826. Kitco's office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 10:00pm Eastern Time. You may also write to: .

Thank you for your interest in Kitco and our products and services.

Best Regards,

Lydia Lawrence
Customer Service Representative

Kitco Metals Inc.
North America:
Toll Free: 1 (877) 775-4826
Direct:Tel: (514) 875-4820
Fax: (514) 875-6484