Friday, September 2, 2011


As The Doc will be headed up to the lake for a family reunion this Labor Day weekend, we decided to issue a SILVER CHALLENGE to our readers for the weekend.  

The challenge:  over the 3 day Labor Day weekend, convince at least 1 friend/ relative to invest in PHYSICAL SILVER

We'll dedicate this thread specifically for sharing your stories and conversations on SILVER over the holiday weekend.
Feel free to share successes, failures, tips, how many ounces they're buying, etc.

To successfully complete the challenge we recommend you bring the following to your cookout/get togethers:

1.  A 600 year historical chart of silver (that's some bubble, huh)

2.  A copy of Silver Shield's The Silver Bullet & The Silver Shield

3.  Physical Silver.

Bring 5 or 6 Eagles, Maples, Buffaloes, or whatever shiny form of phyzz you hold.  While you discuss silver's bullish fundamentals and technicals, let your friend/relative hold the shiny phyzz in their own hands. 
Trust The Doc....This works!

Remember, the challenge is for each reader to convince 1 friend/relative to purchase PHYSICAL SILVER over Labor Day weekend, and then share the experience with other readers here in the thread.

Good luck, and don't forget to bring your PHYZZ!!