Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BullionVault Nearly Completely Out of Silver

Time for BullionVault to change their name to Vault?
Yet another major silver dealer is now reporting nearly complete exhaustion of silver inventory.

Go ahead Blythe, take this puppy back to $8.

Make my day.

Notice on Silver

As you will know, on the BullionVault Order Board we only sell physical bullion which we own in the vault.
After exceptionally high demand, our stock of silver in the London vault is running low. We have further substantial deliveries scheduled for Thursday - 29 September 2011.
Please be aware that in this situation offer prices can be unusually high as some sellers may seek materially higher margins than we ordinarily do.

Translation: Don't expect to source PHYZZ for that ridiculous JP Morgan paper price you see quoted on your kitco page.

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