Monday, August 15, 2011

Illinois Can No Longer Afford to Bury Poor Dead

The PIIGS debt issues are paraded around continually by the MSM for all to see, but California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Michigan's (etc, x49 with the exception of N. Dakota) debt issues are completely ignored.
Yet Illinois is now so broke that starting today, rather than receive a proper funeral, their dead poor will be left at the morgue for 60-90 days, and then be buried in an unmarked grave.

The state of Illinois has reached a new level of broke. Come Monday, it won't have enough cash to bury its indigent dead.
Illinois officials sent a letter to more than 600 funeral directors around the state to let them know there's no money for funerals for individuals on public assistance.
"We got that letter," said Jonathon Szykowny, owner and director of Szykowny Funeral Home. "I'm extremely upset by it. ... I would be very concerned that during extreme economic times that  some families can't provide the necessary funds to bury their loved ones. Sometimes God doesn't call during the best economic times and families can't afford to pay for a funeral and need help"
In the past, the state has reserved about $13 million to help pay for an estimated 12,000 funerals for individuals who relied on public aid. Participating funeral homes were alloted $1,100 for funerals and $552 for the burial.
The 2011 budget, however, accounts for just $1.9 million.
"Now the only viable option --- I don't mean to make light of it -- is to leave the body at the medical examiner office,"  Szykowny said. "After 60 to 90 days they'll take the body to what's called a potter's field and bury it in a numbered grave."