Friday, August 5, 2011

Gold Rush 2011: Pan Asian Gold Exchange to Launch Silver Futures!

From GATA's Gold Rush:

Chinese PAGE will also have silver contracts.
*NN-Leyland: P.A.G.E. will change the game. Pan Asian Gold Exchange. The route to release the RMB to the world stage.
*NN-Leyland: LBMA was speechless when PAGE explained what they are going to do
*NN-Leyland: P.A.G.E contract will be fully allocated. If you lease your gold you lose title.
*NN-Leyland: Systemic change. Allocated bars will change overnight market. This will happen in a couple of months... by Q4 this year.
*NN-Leyland: Futures (tail) wag the SPOT market dog. That's how it works right now. This is going to change.