Friday, August 5, 2011

Gata Gold Rush 2011 Headlines

For those who couldn't make the trip to London for the 2011 Gold Rush conference, we'll be providing updates as they come. 
Numerous excellent quotes already.

*Adrian Douglass: Statistical studies show London fix is manipulated (so does the daily price chart!)
*Douglass: Gold price would be $53,500, were it not for manipulation
Douglas: Gold price rigging is ending now. Motivation is to keep US dollar as world reserve currency.
* RT : conference, James Turk just mentioned "Federal Reserve" and the sound system fritzed out.
*James Turk: I don't want a government gold standard. The govt created the problem, the market will provide the solution (We couldn't agree more, if you haven't already, The Secret of OZ is a MUST WATCH!)
*Turk: Bernanke's printing press is not a free lunch
*Turk: it is still early in the bull market, that is why the gold miners are so neglected still.
*Turk: gold has been in 100yr bear market, but this is now ending. Fear index will see 40%.
*Turk: central banks are fighting a managed retreat versus gold. At some point we'll see the closing of the gold window again.
*McShirley jabs at John Nadler. "Lumber analysts promote the industry, unlike kitco senior analysts"
*McShirley: Lumber trading is simple. No derivatives, no algorithms. No "unallocated" lumber. Cash drives futures, not the other way.

More as it comes!