Monday, August 8, 2011

DOW Crashes into Close, Ends Down 633.78

DJIA has crashed into the close, closing at the lowest levels of the day down 633.78-the biggest single day sell-off since the -777 Paulson Put that ushered in TARP.

Bank of America (BAC) ends at $6.53, down 20%

Gold holding up $52 near $1720
Silver holding near $39.

The Bernank
speaks tomorrow at Jackson Hole at 2:15 EST.

Either QE3 will be announced, likely sending silver back above $42, and gold vaulting above Sinclair's $1784 and into parabolic mode, or else we have a market crash that puts 2008 to shame.

Your move Big Ben.

Is that a helicopter I hear warming up?