Friday, June 3, 2011

Silver Virality: Project Awareness

Hopefully this will answer some questions regarding the upcoming Silver Viral Project.

Silver Virality: Project Awareness

Anonymous writes:
Any good ideas on where to start with this viral campaign?

I want to promote the use of silver coins as a method of trade and acceptance as a form of payment.

Break the banks, go silver.

Mr. M:

Well, I have done some research, and have extensive experience in Marketing and Promotions, and the most effective form is the Street Team model. Target the nearest major city, a place you understand and are familiar with. If we have a mere 50 people participating, that's close to 50 cities.

Google Search:

Activism (your major city)

Underground (your major city)

The population accepts social cues from its surrounding cities. You influence the cities, you influence the country. It is the uninfluenced to the city whom have been ready for generations. Preferably, everyone would target the major city closest to them, so the revolution is localized and confined to specific areas as opposed to wildly promoting overlapping sites.

Local message boards

City website message boards.

Local activism

Make a speech to a class/group

We need to convince a good majority of the internet world that silver is a viable option. Otherwise, people will take whatever the next step may be, and fail to see any value in PMs.

I am currently creating a strategy for the upcoming contest Silver Virality: Project Awareness. It will outline Social Media and how viral memes are created naturally, and how we can implement them artificially.

It will consist of three phases, one which an organized team whom will promote the idea of converting all paper silver to physical. The other will be another organized team whom will educate the completely ignorant. And, eventually we hope to organize a street team who hit their own streets with flyers, sharpies, etc.

This will all be done through posts on Phase 1: Paper Silver specific sites and Phase 2: Non-Related forums, message boards and other. Phase 3: confirmed through pics, vids, etc.

It's going to be huge, so be ready.

This financial sanity needs to be mainstream. The views that you fight must align, and agree with the purpose. Education is what has brought all of us here. Why not viralize..


They have been doing it for centuries!

Peaceful non-compliance.

A loophole. Silver.
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