Monday, March 12, 2012

Ron Paul Wins First Caucus: MSM Changes Rules, Reports Romney Wins

When Ron Paul wins the popular vote in a primary, suddenly the MSM has a crystal clear understanding that it is delegates that matter, and therefore Mitt Romney is the winner.  Nice to see that the MSM agrees that Ron Paul has then in fact won numerous previous primaries where Romney had the highest percentage of popular votes, but Paul walked away with the delegates.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul secured his first caucus victory over the weekend, by winning 29 percent of the popular vote among the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, the mainstream media decided to report that despite coming in second with 26 percent, Mitt Romney was the real winner.
The Republican Party of the U.S. Virgin Islands reported the results as “112 to Paul (29%), 101 to Romney (26%), 23 to Santorum (6%), 18 to Gingrich (5%),”
In response, The AP and other mainstream reports yesterday claimed that Mitt Romney won caucus, because he stands to come away with more delegates.

Ron Paul supporters and the campaign itself have been tirelessly pointing out that in many of the states that have already held primaries and caucuses, the amount of delegates the Congressman has secured does not always reflect his positioning in the straw polls. Indeed, in Iowa and New Hampshire Paul secured as many delegates as Romney and Santorum.
Yet the media has always reported the winner as the candidate who won the highest percentage in the popular vote.
Not so this time around. When Ron Paul secures a caucus victory, the media changes the rules and declares it is the delegate count that determines the real winner.
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