Monday, March 5, 2012

Greek 1 Year Bond Passes 1,000%

On February 22nd, as the Greek 1 year bond yield surged to 770%, we asked readers to predict when it would cross the 1,000% threshold. 
Well, less than 3 weeks later SD reader DreamingEagle is officially the winner, predicting March 2nd- which was off by a mere 1 business day, as the Greek 1-year yield has broken 1,000% this morning, setting an all-time high of 1,006.661%!  Thank goodness they're still keeping track of the 3 decimal places.

Greece Govt Bond 1Year Yield (GGGB1YR)

Open: 971.12000 High: 1,006.66100 Low: 971.12000