Monday, February 6, 2012

Merkel: We Refuse to Accept a Greek Bankruptcy

Merkel can refuse to accept the fact that she's not a supermodel as well. Doesn't affect reality much.
Greece's Nth deadline passed again today- surprise, surprise- no deal, talks to resume Tuesday.

Eurozone crisis live: Greece talks grind on as 'deadline' passes - 6 February 2012
Greek government insists talk of a noon deadline was wrong
German chancellor Angela Merkel has just said in a TV interview - alongside her chum Nicholas Sarkozy: 'We refuse to [accept] a Greek bankruptcy. We can't accept that.'

5.30pm: So as another deadline for the Greek crisis whizzed by with nothing resolved, it's time to call a halt to proceedings.
There was much rhetoric from the likes of Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, trying to push Greece into agreeing cutbacks, and growing concerns about Portugal, prompting a response from the country's prime minister.
But Greece was again centre stage, as the resumption of key talks between prime minister Lucas Papademos and other party leaders was pushed back to tomorrow.Read more: