Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ranting Andy: Inflate or DIE! QE to Infinity Is Here!

The concept of QE to Infinity...AND BEYOND has been thoroughly discussed here on SD, as a failure to massively print in either the US or now Europe will bring an instantaneous end to the Western monetary system due to $1.26+ Quadrillion in shoddy derivatives backed by shadows.
Ranting Andy does an excellent job discussing the topic in his rant today, and screams for readers to rush to the safety of physical gold and silver to protect themselves from the coming destruction of said printing.

The concepts of “Inflate or Die” and “QE to Infinity” are congruous to a crack addict needing more drugs, in higher doses, to survive.  The problem is he becomes sicker and sicker with each dose, and in the end always dies.  Per the graph above, the WORLD has reached the point where the increased doses are killing it, but it dares not stop for fear of an immediate fatal, heart attack (not to mention, election losses). 
I do not blame Bernanke, Obama, or any single person or nation for the mess we are in today.  If Obama, for instance, had NOT bailed out GM and Citigroup, the system would have died three years ago, as it would have under Bush’s watch if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were left to die.  The Fed, ECB, BOE, BOJ, PBOC, and ALL the world’s Central Banks are in the same boat, “paying the piper” for the deal with the devil they made in 1971, when they collectively allowed the U.S. to abandon the gold standard with nary a peep of protest.
The financial disease of HYPERINFLATION has no cure, but fortunately can be avoided via common sense and preparedness, and most importantly, trading in your rapidly depreciating SCRIP for REAL MONEY, i.e. PHYSICAL GOLD and SILVER.
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