Thursday, January 26, 2012

JP Morgan: "Operation Silver Slam"

Bix Weir has published another interesting conspiracy conspiracy theory regarding silver.

I must admit that I’ve been watching JP Morgan pull the same manipulation stunts over and over again for years. And it’s not just in the silver markets. On November 18, 2005 when natural gas prices were skyrocketing to near $15 due to the ravaging of hurricanes Katrina and Rita the Federal Reserve announced that they had approved JP Morgan to trade in natural gas.
That announcement can still be found on the Federal Reserve website here:
At the time I told all my subscribers invested in natural gas to “run for the hills” as it felt like there was something afoot. In less than 1 year JPM had trashed natural gas down to what everyone thought was a floor of around $6 and the “smart money” had loaded up for what they thought was going to be a nice ride up…But JPM was not done and went for the final “Choke Out” driving the price down below $5 and holding it there destroying Amaranth in their wake then buying up the pieces to make at least $750M but many suspect over $2B.
Here’s the price graph to see what happened after Nov 2005.

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