Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Illinois Nuke Plant Shuts Down, Releases Radioactive Tritium Steam into Atmosphere

Illinois Nuke Plant loses power, forced to release radioactive tritium into atmosphere to prevent containment failure.
Don't worry, the radiation released into the atmosphere west of Chicago was well within Federal limits that are non-existent after Fukushima.
For newer readers or those needing a refresher, please see Long Term Effects of Low Level Radiation and How to Prevent Them to continue to protect yourself and your loved ones from the radiation that continues to spew from Fukushima, which has now released 100 Chernobyl's worth of radiation.

Exelon was working to restore operations at a nuclear reactor unit near Rockford, after a reactor went down Monday morning...Depressurization of Unit 2 has required Exelon to release steam containing tritium – a radioactive isotope – into the air. She said the amount of tritium released was minimal and well within federal limits.

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