Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goldman Sachs to Sell $15,000,000 in Gold-Linked Bonds

The Squid is attempting to siphon additional funds away from physical gold and silver and the mining shares.
Yahoo reported yesterday that Goldman Sachs has filed an 8K form for the purpose of issuing $15 million in gold-linked bonds due 2013. 
Note that these bonds are not backed by gold, but linked to gold's paper futures spot price.
This is an attempt by GS to keep big investors fully in bonds by hoodwinking them to believe they are fully protected from the oncoming tsunami of inflation by "linking" the bonds to gold.  Look for this trend to continue as investors are rapidly waking up to the fact that the GLD and SLV may not be the best vehicles to protect one's assets from currency devaluation, as evidenced by the PSLV's premium to NAV reaching 30% Thursday.

Full Goldman filing below:



Financial Statements and Exhibits

Item 9.01 Financial Statements and Exhibits.

Exhibits are filed herewith in connection with the issuance of the following debt securities by the Company on January 5, 2012, pursuant to the Company's automatic shelf registration statement on Form S-3 (File No. 333-176914) (the "Registration Statement"):

$15,000,000 Commodity-Linked Notes due 2013 (Linked to the Price of Gold).

(d) Exhibits.

The following exhibits are incorporated by reference into the Registration Statement as exhibits thereto and are filed as part of this Current Report:

5.1 Opinion of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

23.1 Consent of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP (included as part of Exhibit 5.1).
From Yahoo