Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fed Officials 'Seriously Considering Additional QE'

They never stopped printing in the first place.  Who do you think is buying the $1.6 Trillion in new Treasuries issued to provide this year's deficit funding, much less the roll-over issues?
China?  Japan?  Europe?  QE to Infinity....AND BEYOND!!!

Federal Reserve officials are seriously considering giving the US economy—and especially the housing market—an added jolt with more quantitative easing.

Fed officials are likely to discuss such a move at their Jan. 24-25 meeting, when the central bank [cnbc explains] will issue its first quarterly forecast on interest rates under the new communication policy.
Two of the new voting members this year on the Federal Open Market Committee [cnbc explains] , which sets interest-rate policy, have recently suggested they would support more assets purchases.
San Francisco Fed President John Williams said that sustained high levels of unemployment, as forecast by many Fed members, "does make an argument that we should have more stimulus."
Another new voter, Cleveland Fed President Sandra Pianalto, said in a recent speech that economic models indicate the Fed "should be even more accommodative than it is today."
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