Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hugo Salinas-Price: Banco de Mexico Attempting to Block Monetization of Silver in Mexico

Hugo Salinas-Price has given a MUST READ interview with Hera Research regarding the efforts and progress towards REMONETIZING SILVER IN MEXICO.  Seems that victory is within the grasp of the Mexican people...with only an evil central bank standing in their way.

*Remonetization of silver has broad support in Mexican Senate & Chamber of Deputies
*Banco de Mexico pressuring party leaders to vote against silver remonetization
*Remonetization of silver in Mexico would have passed long ago if not for Banco de Mexico
*Central Finance Committee to hold hearing in December, may overrule the Banco de Mexico

*If Mexico remonetizes silver, other Latin America countries will quickly follow
*Utah Legal Tender act falls short because simply declaring gold and silver legal tender provides no stable value
*Without a stable monetary value, declaring gold and silver legal tender is worthless as the general population are too poor to sustain losses due to fluctuation in values
*Silver Volatility is constantly reported- what is not mentioned is that silver has increased in value 7 times over past 12 years
*Silver volatility is artificially induced to scare off savers
*Unless the value of a legal tender coin is stable it cannot be used as money-must be given a firm value
*Need to get people off the drug habit of constant spending- people need to save again

Read Hugo Salinas-Price's full interview with Hera Research here: