Friday, December 23, 2011

Guest Post: Where Should I Hide My Precious Metals?

We present AGXIIK's thoughts on the hiding of your precious metals with one caveat: The Doc does not recommend storing your PM's in a safety deposit box, as he believes that if the government ever were to conduct a gold/silver confiscation, PM's in safety deposit boxes will be confiscated, PM's held in your own possession under your own roof will not.  We encourage all SD readers to chime in on this issue and share their thoughts on the best place to safely store your precious metals.

Where Should I Hide My Precious Metals?
Hiding PM's is a tough decisions and there is no one perfect answer.
Having your metals at your home is the best idea. A fire rated safe can contain a huge amount of physical metal Use a dial type safe, not electronic. The E type can be hacked. In case of fire, E types are hard to open.
Mount it on a cement or very solid floor since it can weigh 1,000 lbs. Memorize the safe number.
Make sure you have a copy of the safe number with a trusted attorney with a large reputable law firm. Don't discuss the existence of this safe. If you can, keep it in a store room or closet. Thrown a blanket over it to keep prying eyes off the safe
Safe deposit boxes are a close second. Try to get the safe in your spouse's name if you have potential liability. Husbands are usually sued. Wives are usually not. Use a strong solid local bank. Check Weiss reports to see if this bank is rated AA or better. A large deposit box can hold 2,000 or more PM coins or rounds. If you are heavy in metals then rent two smaller ones.
This stuff weighs a bunch

A high quality new or used air tight 50 cal ammo can, something that be bought on line or in a military surplus store can be had for $20 or less. In tubes containing 20 coins, these cans can hold 36 ballistic tubes That's 720 coins--a bunch in any language. Ammo cans can be air and water proof. They are totally portable but filled with PMs they will weigh in at about 50 lbs.
That means if you have to move quickly, bug out etc, your PM wealth is easy to tuck in the back of your car or truck. Present value of a silver ammo can---$21,000. Present value of gold ammo can---$1,152,000. Damn that sounds sweet!!! A million Box.
These cans, and their related plastic cans that are air and water proof, are easy to bury for quick security or retrieval Make sure you use OPSEC but also be sure you have a trusted associate, attorney et al, who has a page with the Geo Casching, GPS, or 'treasure map' where these are buried
I will say with 100% confidence that I would trust my attorney with any of these details They are in a sealed envelope. My wife is totally on board with this too.
For long term high security storage, you can put a very large amount of PM in air and water tight MONOTUBES. These can be buried or even storage under water. They will weigh 200 lbs or more so be certain you can handle this weight. This is not a time to call your buddies to help bury your goodies. Junk bullion works great in Mono tubes and ammo cans too
If you have access to a public storage site, you could store one or more containers with metals in a small cheap storage room with a first rate, pick proof, ultra strong lock.
Then cover the valuables with some junky stuff Keep the valuables in a small fire proof safe then put boxes and old crap like a mattress, junky furniture and maybe a rusty bike to make sure that anyone who might access your storage room thinks nothing of value is here.
Of course, let your legal counsel have the location of this in case you are not around.
You can spread your risky in a small scale or large depending of what you want to protect. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
I know that some readers have 5-20,000 ounces of silver considering the video shown last week or so about the guy who just bought 3,000 ounces of silver porn. That is 200 lbs of silver, a goodly bit of weight.
OPSEC is vital.
My family and I are stackers and have used, are using or will use these systems to protect our valuables