Tuesday, December 27, 2011

China Wants All The Gold

While China and the Banksters may be clamping down on gold exchanges and making it harder on individuals to gain exposure to the gold market,  China's Central Bank keeps wanting to stack the phyzz behind the scenes.

 BEIJING Dec 26 (Reuters) - China should buy gold to further diversify and protect its foreign exchange reserves, the head of research at China's central bank said in comments published on Monday.

Gold has become "the only safe heaven for risk-averse investors" when other assets from government bonds to property are losing value, Zhang Jianhua, the head of the research department at the People's Bank of China, wrote in the Financial News, a newspaper published by the central bank.

"The Chinese government... needs to further optimise China's foreign exchange asset portfolio and to seek relatively low entry points to buy gold assets," Zhang wrote.

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