Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stewart Thomson: Silver Set for Surge

Stewart Thomson spends a great deal of his latest weekly update discussing silver.
Thomson believes silver will out-perform gold in the near-immediate future, thanks to the likelihood of the acceleration of the DOW to the upside now that stock market crash season is ending (coupled with QE3 on the horizon we might add).
He also believes the entire $0-$50 range for silver represents a giant base pattern or launch pad, and that when silver really starts to move (as in when it takes out $50 to the upside), its gains will be monumental.

I’d like to call all silver bugs’ attention to the Dow. Silver is industrial as well as precious. Crash season for the Dow (Aug, Sep, Oct) is over. Silver dealer “GoldLion” thinks an acceleration of the Dow’s move to the upside is near at hand, and that is likely trigger a near-immediate out-performance of silver against gold, and against the dollar.
The appointment of two Trilateral Commission members to the Prime Minister position in Italy and Greece adds a level of perceived control and stability to the Europe situation, and institutional money managers revel in such perceived “it’s all fixed now” propaganda. It doesn’t matter what is fixed or what isn’t.
What matters is institutional liquidity flows, and institutions are likely on the verge of pouring money into the Dow and general stock markets, which could cause a silver price super blast to the upside, based on perceived industrial demand growth for silver.
 I’m locked and loaded with silver, for such a move. My own take on the situation is that the entire $0-$50 price area for silver represents a giant base pattern or launch pad. Sometimes, when silver starts to really move, investors get very excited, which is alright, but it’s important to remain calm and rational with your market actions. Focus on getting more ounces of unleveraged silver during substantial price sales, and you won’t need bankster loans and flip trades to make solid profits that are truly here to stay.
Sales of size for silver have occurred repeatedly in the $0-$50 price zone. If you buy these sales, you don’t need a price parabola to put enormous profits in your pocket. The reversion to the mean, alone, makes you a solid winner, and the possible parabola becomes a huge bonus!
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